Roatan, a little slice of heaven

As far as island paradise goes, Roatan is pretty much it.  It’s a small island off the coast of Honduras that hasn’t yet been discovered by many.  You can enjoy this beautiful place without being surrounded by hordes of tourists.  While the entire island beckons you, the West Bay beach is where this natural wonder truly shines.

img_6234Roatan will always remind me of heaven on earth.  Pristine white beaches, surrounded by clear, turquoise water offer an escape from everyday life.  Like in the Corona commercial, all you want to do is relax with a cold beer while watching people and nature before you.

The water is not only pristine, but engulfs your body like a warm blanket on a cold day. It almost feels like you’re stepping into a bath that is just starting to cool off, but it’s still warm enough to enjoy. As I write this, I can almost feel the warm breeze and sunshine of that moment.

Roatan is known for superior snorkeling and scuba diving, and it’s often referred to as diver’s paradise.  I don’t dive so I can’t speak directly on that experience, however, based on what a friend said, it lives up to its reputation.   Next time I visit I will definitely try snorkeling and explore a little piece of Roatan under water.

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Here you’ll also find wonderful people, beautiful arts and crafts, and exotic wildlife. Whether it’s in the water or on land, there is something to do for everyone. From zip lining to a visit at an Iguana farm, there are many opportunities to interact with nature and learn about local fauna and flora. I really encourage you to visit this small island and experience it for yourself.

As I’m planning my next vacation, Roatan isn’t far from my mind.  I plan to return there for a longer stay and explore the island in more detail. The possibility puts a smile on my face.


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  1. Very nice post Kasia! Roatan also has the largest expat community in Central America…living in Sandy Bay. Let us know when you decide to come back, we would love to show you the island and make others aware of this Caribbean paradise.


      1. I survived. The cab driver who was taking back to my hotel took a “side turn” to buy some coke. This proceeded into crackheads jumping on the car and chasing us with guns. Very scary.


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