Travel blogging – it’s a thing!

These days, no matter where you look, you'll find someone who appears to be making a living by travelling the world, blogging about it and having a great old time. If you think that there seems to be a sudden surge of these people, you might be right. Travel blogging is now officially a "thing."

Life’s a beach

"Darling, we’re beach people, not pool people." Let’s be honest, I love travelling so going anywhere is always an adventure. Except for camping. I’m definitely not a camping kind of girl. As much as I love exploring cities, I am partial to lounging on beaches just the same.

Living the dream or just dreaming

“I quit my job, sold all my belongings and packed what was left to move across the world to live my dream.” That seems to be the case for about a third of the people featured on the show House Hunters International, a show I’ve watched regularly for years. The other two thirds are divided between those that move for a job (lucky bastards) and those looking for a vacation property (even luckier bastards) ...

Munich, you had me at hello

I think I fell in love with Munich the moment I stepped off the plane. Between its proximity to the Alps, being steeped in history and full of gorgeous architecture, it immediately felt like home. By then, some time has passed since we've been to Europe and I forgot how much I've missed it.  The... Continue Reading →

Where to find travel inspiration

Whether you are thinking of an all-inclusive getaway in the sun, a luxurious cruise, that road trip you have always dreamed about, or finally taking that long-awaited trip to that place on your bucket list, trying to decide where to go has never been easier...

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