Berlin, the place to be

Having been to Munich first, I expected Berlin to be very similar, only bigger. But Berlin is a totally different Germany. It's a city of contradictions with a very cosmopolitan and modern vibe, while Munich is full of Bavarian tradition.

What’s your Instagram? 

I love reading all kinds of travel stories. Many of them are accompanied by equally stunning photography. While I love reading the blogs and looking at the images, I often forget to look for a link to the author's Instagram/twitter/FB page. Sometimes I can't really find it or I totally forget.

Yes, I’m a travel addict. No, I don’t need help.

When you become addicted to travel, it becomes like a drug. It's like an itch that doesn't go away. A shot of temporary euphoria that you are constantly trying to maintain and are willing to do almost anything for.Traveling changes you. It opens up the world beyond what's around you and that in itself is addictive...

Me, myself and I vs the world

I've been reading a lot of articles recently that ponder the benefits of traveling solo. While travelling with others can be fun, there is something remarkable about making the journey by yourself.

Iceland: land of fairies, waterfalls & volcanoes

According to my guide book, 53% of Icelanders believe in fairies. It might seem silly when you read it, but when you find yourself driving through some of the island’s prehistoric-looking landscapes, such ideas become totally plausible.

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