Book a photographer the same way you book an UBER

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.  It can capture a memory or a special moment in your life that will last a lifetime. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, a significant milestone or an important event, you want to make sure that the person capturing it is a professional. In a world where anyone with a camera/phone and a laptop can call themselves a photographer, how do you distinguish a pro from an amateur?

Luckily, there soon will be an app for that. A new start-up service out of Toronto called Galaxy Photoz Inc. launched by Leanne Ferguson, aims to make the process of connecting people with professional photographers a lot easier.

Starting in June, you will be able to connect with vetted professional photographers simply by downloading the app or going online. No matter what the occasion, you will be able to book a pro within minutes. To ensure you get what you paid for, Galaxy Photoz will hold your deposit until you receive your images. Not happy with the results? Not to worry. You get 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If by chance you are not happy with the outcome, another photographer will be assigned to reshoot  free of charge (this applies to non-events only). Easy peasy. No more expensive deposits for photos you never received or worse, were such crappy quality that they left you in tears.

Whether you are hiring a photographer for a corporate event, maternity or newborn shoot, cake smash, want a professional modelling portfolio, headshots and portraits, or just want to capture your engagement and/or wedding, Galaxy Photoz will bring trust and speed during the booking process while separating expert photographers from amateurs.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the next big thing. You can support Galaxy’s Indiegogo campaign launching April 17 for a chance to get some cool perks while they last.

Your next photo awaits!

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