Top 10 reasons to travel

If you’re an avid traveler, coming up with reasons to take off to a new destination isn’t hard. Explaining why you do it to those who don’t share your passion can sometimes be challenging. When simple “I love it” doesn’t suffice, here is a whole list of why travelling is good for you.

When expectations clash with reality

I, like many others, love planning holidays and visiting destinations on my bucket list. Those are the places in the world that, for whatever reason, hold a special place in my heart and I get super pumped when the opportunity to finally go there presents itself. I research, plan and imagine being there, expectations rising high. Most of the time, it's amazing, but there were few that left me feeling meh.

Discovering the past in Palermo, Sicily

Having been to Italy twice before, I expected Sicily to be along the same lines as what we've already seen. I wasn't really prepared for the mix of architectural styles, cultures and flavour that was a totally different Italy than what we were used to. 

Can travel memories live up to reality?

Do you have that one special place that you've been to that left a significant impression and somehow changed you? It's a place that you go back to in your memories, all happy and wonderful, yet somehow haven't manged yet to physically go back to.

Pleasantly unexpected effects of travel blogging

When I launched my blog roughly six months ago, it was a resurrection of something I dabbled in a very long time ago. A new start and a creative outlet for sharing my travels stories with family and friends. After all, what a great way to share my passion with those closest to me. The ones that support me and encourage me to pursue my dreams. The reality turned out so much different from that. 

10 places that will make you want to visit Canada (part 2)

Happy birthday Canada! Today we celebrate #Canada150 and I can't wait to go out and join the festivities. In following up to the first part of my 10 places that will make you want to visit Canada post, here is the next five destinations that I've visited and loved. 

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