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8 Travel companions to experience the world with

How we travel and who we travel with can make or break our experience. Aside the different travel personality types, how we relate to our companions also plays a role. I belive there are eight different types of travel companions to experience the world with. Let’s take a look.

Types of travel companions

If you’ve travelled before, chance are you have been in company of one of these types.

1 The solo wanderer

Quite often we can be our very best companion. There is no need to compromise, argue or discuss. We do what we want, when we want and how we want. As solo travellers, we become quite sufficient, resourceful and independent. After all, travelling alone is like a quest for self discovery. I would argue that every person should experience travelling alone at least once in their life.

As much as solo travel can teach you, it can become quite lonely. Yes, you can meet people along the way, but those are temporary fixtures that leave as often as they appear. There were few times in my life when I have been amazed by what was before me and wished I has someone to share it with. It didn’t take away from the experience, just made it a different one.

shopping barcelona

Made a stop at my fave shop

2 Strangers along the way

The strangers we meet along the way are a different type of travel companions that can be good for us. When you are on a bus tour full of strangers, you don’t know what to expect. They can be the best bunch of travellers, or the worst. That unknown will keep you on your toes and the unexpected can lead to new discoveries. Let’s be honest, as proficient as we can be with taking selfies, there is something to be said of having someone else take one of us. This is especially handy when you’re on a tour with bunch of travel bloggers who appreciate the value of a good photo.

Sometimes you meet people by chance. While in Panama, we met a couple who offered to share a cab tour with us. It was a way better deal for four than it was for two. Was is a good idea? Absolutely. We ended up becoming friends and have travelled with them quite a few times since then. Sometimes random necessities make good friends.

3 A travel family affair

At some point in your life, you are likely to travel with your family. It can be a simple road trip from your childhood or a more adult experience. These are probably the most interesting travel companions, good and bad. Family members are ones we know the best and can usually predict what to expect from them. There is also a certain level of intimacy and comfort that family offers even on a trip.

Travelling with family can be fun or it can be hell. Both offer a different type of experience and make us who we are. When we travel as children, we learn from our parents and other family members on what to do. The family dynamics also come into play, especially if you are away from home. This particular travel companions will affect your experience mostly based on how you get along. Some love travelling with family members, others do not. Either way, you are very likely to take a family trip at some point in your life.

4 Travelling with kids

Travelling with kids, be that your own or other people’s, is a very different experience. It can be a quite fascinating to see the world through the eyes of a child. They see things from different perspectives and are experiencing them for the first time. That will definitely offer you a different experience to go through that with them.

Not all kids travel well and this can be a stressful experience for everyone. If you’ve ever been on a plane with a screaming child you can attest to that. But planes are not the only place where this can be a challenge. Kids can be picky eaters, have unfounded fears due to lack of experience, get bored easily and might not share your appreciations for history, cultures and monuments. It just means you have to be extra creative in how you plan the trip and activities. It definitely changes your own experience.

5 Groups – the more the merrier

There is something freeing about travelling with a bunch of people. The whole world of group discounts is now at your fingertips, the more the merrier. It’s like travelling with your own entourage, ready for anything. You probably won’t lack for pictures, experiences and memories.

Travelling in groups can also have its downfalls. Coordinating anything and everything is a logistical nightmare. The more people, the harder it gets. A group can stand out quite clearly and that can be a good thing or a bad one. There can be personality clashes, arguments and difference of opinions. These travel companions, much like family members, can turn travel experiences into amazing or become a nightmare.


Cheers to cruising

6 Business traveller life

If your job requires you to travel, this  opens up a whole new world of experiences. Business travel is very different from travelling for pleasure. It can definitely be a great way to see the world, even if it’s in small and short intervals. When you travel for business you see a different side to the places you visit, good and bad. Sometimes you see things most tourists don’t and it can create an impression on you that will affect any future decisions to travelling there.

Your business colleagues are very different from your friends. Depending on how you get along with them will also shape your travel experience. I learned a lot when I used to travel for work. It made me a more well-rounded traveller and offered a chance to see the world. If you have an opportunity to travel for work, do it. It will change you.


Discovering new places

7 Travel with friends

Travelling with friends is usually fun and a safe bet. It’s also a great way to bond by experience places together. You can discover new things and be just as comfortable doing them alone. When I went to London with my friend Maryann, we had a great time. As we’ve been friends for a long time, we knew that we had different interests and were happy to explore them on our own. While she went shopping, I spent a few delightful hours at the Tower of London.  We then compared our outings over dinner and drinks.

Recently I had an opportunity to travel with my friend Florencia who visited from Argentina. Not only was I able to show her Toronto, we also toured Montreal and Quebec City. It was fun to see things I’ve become so familiar with through her eyes. We had a blast and I  got to experience old places in a new light.

friends in sunglasses

A bus tour of London

Quebec city

Exploring Quebec City

8 That special someone

A couple that travels together, stays together. This has definitely been the case for  Alex and I. It definitely helps that we both share a passion for travel as it plays a big part in our lives.

Alex is definitely my favourite of travel companions. We have visited new places together, but we’ve also been to places that only one of us was familiar with. Each trip provided a new set of experiences and we often talk about the places we’ve been to, are in or will be visiting next. There never is a lack of things to talk about and it’s fun to share things together.

We have travelled together to many places, but we have also travelled separately  on many occasions. When we are not travelling together, we get to tell each others about the places we’ve been to. Travel makes our relationship stronger and interesting, whether we travel together or not.

travel companions

Best travel companion ever!

Bringing it together

Travelling is always fun, but who you are with will affect how you feel about it. The way we experience the world has a lot to do with who our travel companions are.

Who is your favourite travel companion and why? Let me know.

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12 thoughts on “8 Travel companions to experience the world with

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  2. egodiary.com

    Happy to say that I have experienced every type of travelling and I share your opinion in all of them. This Spring in las Vegas was the time to experience alone travel for almost 3 days. It was a nice experience to have but I still enjoy more having a travel companion. I was missing the talks and the comments and sharing the wows with someone.
    And one of the most treasured trips I took is from a couple of years ago, when I organized a travel to Italy together with my parents. Being able to do this for them was something that I always hoped to be able to do.

    1. kasiawrites Post author

      That’a awesome! Italy is always a great place. I don’t mind traveling alone but there are times when it’s boring. I was in Florida for training once and had to hang out by myself for few days. It wasn’t even a nice place. It wasn’t the greatest. 🙈 I always prefer to travel with company 😀

  3. alieneating

    There’s nothing like travelling with a friend! My now best friend and I met as strangers in the airport en route to Korea. It’s so nice to travel with someone that’s always on the same page as you.

    1. kasiawrites Post author

      That is so cool that you met so randomly! Isn’t that the best? 😜 I agree, it is always nice to travel with someone on the same page. 👍🏼

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