Can travel memories live up to reality?

Do you have that one special place that you’ve been to that left a significant impression and somehow changed you? It’s a place that you go back to in your memories, all happy and wonderful, yet somehow haven’t manged yet to physically go back to.  When an opportunity to visit again arrives, you jump on it, but do you wonder if the reality will live up to your travel memories?

My travel memories

This summer, we are going to two places I have not been to in a very long time. One of them is Rome, the other Paris.  If you’ve read my blog on travelling solo, you know that Paris is that special place in my heart. This year, almost 20 years after my first visit there, I’m going back with Alex and I’m so excited to show him the city that means so much to me. Will it be as amazing as I remember? Will he love it as much as I do? What if it’s horrible and totally sucks?

The last question is purely hypothetical one since I doubt Paris could ever be horrible, but you get the drift of where I’m going with this. What if I’ve built it up so much in my memories over the years that I’ll be disappointed when I get there? After all, 20 years is a very long time and many things can change.

Palace of Versailles
ChΓ’teau de Chambord
One of the better photos of Paris


I’ve always wanted to see Paris again in spring or summer, full of greenery and sunshine. When I went there the first time, it was the dead of winter.  The streets were rather drab and devoid of greenery, and there was no time to sit on a patio and people watch.  This time, it’s going to be the end of summer and the city will look very differently, which is almost like going to a new place. I honestly can’t imagine Alex not liking Paris and I’m super excited to go back.


I’m also very excited to return to Rome. It’s been about 13 years since I’ve been there and this will be my third visit. I enjoyed Rome the first time, found it a little bit changed when I went the second time, and I have no idea what to expect this time. We will be there only a few days, but we intend to enjoy them to the fullest. After all, it’s Rome!

Spanish Steps

The last time I went to these places, I had a shitty camera and not a lot of good pictures to look back on.  I don’t have one single image of the Eiffel Tower and only some, not so great, shots of Rome. I’m excited to go back to both places and capture new memories.

What will it be

Part of me, deep down inside, still wonders if it will be as good as I remember. Did time skew my travel memories of these places and the experiences? I guess I’m going to find out in few weeks.

Have you ever had a place you wanted to go back to? Was your return as good as you expected or was it a disappointment? Let me know πŸ™‚

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