Autumn colours to fall in love with

I feel very happy that I live in a place that has four distinct (although that’s been questionable lately) seasons. Each has its merits and I can find things to love about each one. However, there is something about fall that makes it my favourite season. Or is it called autumn? Read more


Toronto’s hidden gems – Osgoode Hall

Osgoode Hall is located in downtown Toronto, right next door to the City Hall. In the last couple of decades I’ve walked past and around this building at least few hundred times, never knowing what is hidden inside. It took me a while, but what I found was amazing.  Read more

Why the CN Tower should be on your list of things to do in Toronto

The CN Tower is one of the engineering Wonders of the Modern World, an architectural marvel and Canada’s most recognizable icon.  What started as a communications tower has become an amazing tourist destination and a must-see when visiting Toronto.  Read more

Why Toronto should be your next travel destination

I almost never write about the place I call home even though I love this city and everything in it. Writing about foreign and exotic places just seems so much more interesting. But what if home is exotic and foreign to others? That is when you realize writing about the place you know and love becomes a no brainer. So why should you visit Toronto? Let me tell you.
Read more