Discover the beauty of Banff and Lake Louise

I vividly remember my first visit to Banff. The mountains amazed me and their silent beauty awed me beyond anything I have ever imagined. It was when we got to Lake Louise and I stood there, looking out at the frozen lake under a thick blanket of snow, that I felt truly at peace. Read more


10 Places to visit when you travel to Canada

The world needs more Canada

Canada, or the Great White North, is a great place for an adventure.  It’s a vast country with a diverse geography and views that will take your breath away. As its popularity grows, so does travel to Canada. Every day, more people are discovering the amazing beauty of this country. Read more

10 Tips for surviving winter in Canada

The truth is out there

Let’s be honest, winter in Canada can get down right stupid cold. Between the bone chilling temperatures, copious amounts of snow and very little sunlight, you might start to wonder how we manage to live here. The key to surviving the winter is to embrace it.
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Discover Toronto’s sordid past at Don Jail

Hiding in plain sight

Do you ever wonder about the buildings you pass by daily or while you’re visiting a new city? Be it that fancy house, a really old building, or that new marvel recently unveiled with much fanfare. They all have stories to tell and some of them might actually surprise you. This is exactly what happened to us with what was once the Don Jail, Toronto’s former prison.
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