Cultural Travel Destinations

Where do you want to go next? Whether you’re looking for information about a specific destination or just need some inspiration to spark your imagination, you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find info about some of my favourite travel destinations around the world that are perfect for any culture and adventure lover out there. I’ve included information on many destinations, including must-see sights, local customs, and hidden gems to help you plan your next adventure.



Europe is a diverse and exciting continent with a rich cultural heritage spanning thousands of years that attract travellers from all over the world. With comprehensive guides about different countries, this is your ultimate resource for exploring European destinations.


Italy is the ultimate vacation destination for many. A country known for its art, vibrant culture, ancient ruins, delicious cuisine and beautiful landscapes, this incredible country has something for everyone.


France is a great choice for a cultural adventure. The romantic city of Paris, historic towns, beautiful beaches of the French Riviera, delicious cuisine and rich history, make France a fabulous vacation destination.


Dive into Germany’s rich culture and history. With its iconic architecture, stunning outdoors and charming small towns, Germany offers visitors plenty of exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences.


Looking for an adventurous travel destination that is packed with cultural wonders? Look no further than Iceland – a stunning country known for its scenic landscapes, outdoor adventures and vibrant culture.


Poland is home to stunning natural landscapes, vibrant cities and a rich cultural heritage. Explore the country’s historic towns, mountains, the sweeping coastline of the Baltic Sea, and everything in between.



Latvia is a fascinating country with a rich history and culture to delight and fascinate any traveller looking for an immersive cultural experience. Whether you love architecture or the outdoors, Latvia has it all.


Croatia is a culturally rich and vibrant country. It is the perfect place for cultural travellers ready to immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery, stunning coastlines, enchanting cities and local customs.


As one of Europe’s lesser-known gems, Portugal is the ideal destination for exploring. With rich culture and traditions, it’s a great place for delicious food, centuries-old architecture and beautiful beaches.


One of the most popular destinations for travellers seeking epic hiking trails, history buffs eager to explore centuries-old castles or foodies ready to sample world-famous cheeses and chocolates.


The Americas

Many incredible travel destinations in North, South and Central America are waiting to be discovered. From the bustling streets of cities like Buenos Aires, New York and Mexico City to the stunning vistas of Patagonia and the Amazon rainforest. Whether travelling north to Canada or south to Nicaragua, you’ll find a world of adventure.


As the world’s second-largest country, Canada offers natural beauty, stunning landscapes, diverse culture, vibrant cities and friendly people. It’s a perfect place to experience the magic of travel and adventure.


The USA is the perfect destination for an unforgettable adventure. Explore new places, meet interesting people and experience incredible landscapes, bustling cities and culinary delights.



Brazil, with its incredibly fascinating history, stunning natural beauty and fascinating customs, is the perfect destination for travellers looking for a unique and unforgettable adventure.


Looking for destinations that are not listed here? I might have already written about them on my blog. You can also check out my Instagram, the link below, or let me know what country you’d like me to cover! I have a lot more trips lined up in the future, and it might already be on my list. Make sure to also check out my travel resources page to help you plan your trip.