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Ever wonder what motivates people to travel? Most of the avid travelers do it because they love it. For them, it eventually becomes an addiction. But like anything else, it all has to start somewhere.

No matter where we live, our lives can become mundane and we yearn to see what else is out there.  You can live in a town full of historical architecture and colourful past and yearn to see modern cities with sky scrapers made of glass and concrete.  You can be surrounded by green hills and rivers and yearn for the desert.  No matter what you call home, being there day in and day out becomes your reality.

I live in Toronto, Canada’s largest and most populous city. As far as north American cities go, it’s more modern than historical in nature and has gone through numerous revitalization efforts over the years. As much as I love and thrive in this concrete jungle, I am drawn to old architecture and love visiting places with deep roots and centuries worth of construction.

dundas square
Dundas Square, Toronto

I have wandered through cobblestone streets of Europe, strolled through the historical streets in South America and marveled at the old temples in Asia. All different, all beautiful and so different from my daily grind.

The streets of Dubrovnik

Visiting areas vastly different then what you call home not only helps you experience the differences, but also appreciate what you have even more. That couldn’t be more true. As much as I love travelling, I love coming home.

What  does your “ordinary” look like?

This post is based on an my Top 10 Reasons to Travel blog – reason #9.


6 thoughts on “Get away from the ordinary

  • Agreed! We live in sparkly – new Dallas now, and I LOVE to get away to Europe or even NYC, somewhere older. Also LOVE the beach and open nature. In the end, though, it is always nice to come home. Even now that the children are grown, home is still home.

  • This is a nice post! I like reading it 🙂 ..Before I used to find new vibe in longing for materialist or luxuries of life whatever I could afford…but eventually when the travel thing began i tend to see life on other side it was filled with simplistic experiences which was more lively! and then I realised this materialistic life surrounding us even filled with luxuries seems so mundane and ordinary..:)

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