I’m going to Iceland (again)!

Ever since our trip to Iceland four years ago I’ve been trying to find an excuse to go back there. Now I found one and I can’t wait! 

In November, I’m going to attend the 2017 Trablin International Summit in Iceland for two days of workshop and speakers as well as pre-event tours. This is the first official travel blogger conference that I will be attending and I am so excited!


Part of me is terrified. After all, I’m pretty much an amateur comparing to some of the people who will be there. There will be  many influencers, bloggers who actually get paid to do this and a whole bunch of industry folks in attendance.  That alone makes me feel like the newbie that I am, walking among the experts.

The other part of me, you know the one that’s jumping up and down with excitement,  is looking forward to learning from those experts, meeting new blogger friends and hey, if by chance I meet someone there who wants to pay me to travel, even better!

As my blog is getting close to turning one, I decided to explore more ways to grow it and take it to the next step.  What that looks like right now I am not sure, but if I ever want to make this a full-time thing I need to learn from those who have done it. I recently read a blog by someone who’s been doing this for years and her advice was to go to the conferences, meet other bloggers and continue to write. So this is how I ended up here, going to this conference.

I’m thinking of getting business cards, which are probably a good idea and something I’ve been contemplating for some time.  The biggest problem now will be to design them. I’m kind of entering the American Psycho-like state where I examine all the elements and drool over the different features. Do I go with fancy font? Raised? Textured?

I think I’m getting ahead of myself now.

I’m also getting excited about the tours. This is another chance for me to hopefully see the Northern Lights. Fingers crossed this time I will see them strong, vivid and amazing. I am literally giddy at the possibility. The first time we went, we managed to see some, but not if full effect. There is so many things I want to see. It’s very tempted to just add more days, but that’s not feasible at the moment. I’ll take what I can get.

Have you ever been to a travel and/or blogger conference? I would love to hear your experience. Let me know in comments!

Yes! Sign me up for more 🙂


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