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The streets of Lisboa

I must say, I’ve become obsessed with the streets in Lisbon, or Lisboa as it’s known in Portuguese. More accurately, its sidewalks.

In Lisboa, look under your feet

All sidewalks here are all made of these small, square, smooth stones.Β  You might not notice it at first, but many of them have the most wonderful designs. Walking in Lisbon is close to gliding, as that smooth, shiny surface beckons you to run your shoes across it.

I’ve become so fascinated with these sidewalks that I felt they needed a separate blog dedicated to them. Hope you like them as much as I did!

More than just sidewalks

When assembled on a larger scale, the tiled details are even more spectacular. I became fascinated with this square. The fountain just adds to the artistic flair and looks great at night too. While everyone is taking pictures of the beautiful buildings all around, not many seem to be looking down. I think I was the only one taking pictures of the sidewalks!

The designs

At first, all the designs seem very similar. It is only after a closer examination that you realize that the mosaics are all very different. I can’t decide which is my fave as they all seem so intricately designed and beautiful.

Street art

It turns out that the Portuguese pavements are a type of craftsmanship that dates back to Mesopotamia. You can see similar designs in Portugal’s colonies of Brazil and Macau, although not to the same extent as in Lisbon. Since they are no longer creating new sidewalks, these craftsmen are a dying breed. I think that’s unfortunate as their work is truly an art.

What do you think? Do you like the sidewalk art in Lisboa?

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    1. kasiawrites

      Indeed. They still fix them like that. We saw some guys working on a part of the walkway. They had a pile of the stones and were fitting them in lines. Must be so tedious but looks amazing!

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