A day at Poetto Beach, Sardinia

Poetto beach is a short bus ride from Cagliari’s city centre and it’s a Β very nice 8 km stretch of Β sand and ocean. It is actually considered a “city beach.” When I first heard “city beach” I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but this place definitely exceeded my expectations.

Setting out for Poetto beach

We hit the road armed with beach towels from our hotel, bathing suits and other necessities in hand. We got bus tickets from a little booth in front of the main train station, a short walk from our hotel. The bus ride was only about 15-20 min. It brought us directly to a nice stretch of a very nice beach.

While Poetto beach is full of rental villas it is also popular as a day trip destination for those, who like us, chose not to stay there for an extended time. Here you can find various options for your stay, from a stretch of public beach where you can claim your patch of sandy real estate with your own umbrella, chairs, etc., to more beach club-like options where you can rent it all.

Beach options for all tastes

Our first stop, the Il Lido, reminded me of a full-blown resort with actual wall separating the beach from the road. Here a full combo of an umbrella, two chairs and the access fee is 35 Euro. We had our own towels so we didn’t need to rent any. It was a very nice, albeit busy place so we decided to see what else was out there.

Since we didn’t have our own umbrella it made more sense for us to stick with places that we could rent from. We could have bought an umbrella at the store for about 34 Euro, but then we would have to drag it with us on the rest of the trip so we opted not to.

We settled for a less busy spot where we got a full cabana with two chairs (padded with a little mattress no less!) for 30 Euro. The place even had its own beach access! It was roped off from the public and had staff walking around the property. It definitely made us feel better about leaving our belongings there.

Our cabana

The beach

As far as beaches go, Poetto is a very nice spot. The water is clear and fairly warm with beautiful scenery all around it. The Italians are serious about their beaches and love to spend their summers there. We were lucky to have arrived at a time when Β most people were finishing up their holidays and the beach wasn’t as crowded as it would’ve been earlier in the month.

Poetto Beach
Poetto Beach

The beach, the sand, the ocean. Β We would’ve stayed for ever. In reality, we spend a good six hours day which made for a very nice day trip.

For a snacking option, we ventured out to another part of the strip where we had an amazing lunch with equally amazing views.

View from our table
Light lunch – it was very tasty
View from the restaurant

Feeling more relaxed and a bit red-ish, we made our way home. We couldn’t wait to spend another evening roaming the streets of Cagliari. Now we understood why the crowds came out at night. We totally felt like locals πŸ™‚

What are your favourite things to do at the beach?

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