Discover the beauty of Banff and Lake Louise

I vividly remember my first visit to Banff. The mountains amazed me and their silent beauty awed me beyond anything I have ever imagined. It was when we got to Lake Louise and I stood there, looking out at the frozen lake under a thick blanket of snow, that I felt truly at peace. Read more


PATH: Navigating Toronto’s underground tunnels

Toronto’s underground tunnels, known as the PATH, offer a range of shops, restaurants and services. This network of pedestrian walkways that span over 30 km is a great way to get around the city core. It occurred to me that even though I’ve taken this for granted, the PATH is a novelty to many.  Read more

Amsterdam’s museums and architecture

What started as a small fishing village around the year 1200, has become one of the most visited cities in Europe. Amsterdam’s museums, culture and architecture are just few of the reasons I wanted to come here. Well, that and the curiosity about those wooden clogs.  Read more