Travel blogging – year in review

Happy birthday blog!

As 2017 rolls to an end, my blog is turning one this month. Yup, this means one full year of travel blogging for me.  And what a year this has been!  Read more


Toronto’s hidden gems – Osgoode Hall

Osgoode Hall is located in downtown Toronto, right next door to the City Hall. In the last couple of decades I’ve walked past and around this building at least few hundred times, never knowing what is hidden inside. It took me a while, but what I found was amazing.  Read more

Pantheon – final resting place of France’s cultural heroes

We were strolling through Paris on a beautiful Saturday afternoon (I still get a bit giddy saying that), finally making our way to the Latin Quarter to check out the Pantheon. It’s one of those places that might not be high on your list of places to see, however, Read more