Where does your wanderlust come from?

A wanderlust gene?

Ever wonder what causes some people to constantly roam the world in search of adventure while others stay put most of their lives? Is the wanderlust gene a real thing? Are you born with it? Read more


The realities of overtourism – are we part of the problem or the solution?

Overtourism is something I’ve been hearing about quite a bit lately. I’m not sure if  I’m just more aware of it now that I’m blogging about travel, or if it’s become more mainstream.  As a result, I’ve started to wonder if I, like many other bloggers, have become part of the problem? Could I become part of the solution?  Read more

Beachin’ in Sardinia

Sardinia is known for its beaches and rightfully so. In the few days we had there, we wanted to check out at least a couple of them and I’m really glad we did. After a great day at Poetto beach we took another day trip to a place called Villasimius. Read more

A day at Poetto Beach, Sardinia

Poetto beach is a short bus ride from Cagliari’s city centre and it’s a  very nice 8 km stretch of  sand and ocean. It is actually considered a “city beach.” When I first heard “city beach” I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but this place definitely exceeded my expectations. Read more