Where does your wanderlust come from?

A wanderlust gene?

Ever wonder what causes some people to constantly roam the world in search of adventure while others stay put most of their lives? Is the wanderlust gene a real thing? Are you born with it? Read more


The realities of overtourism – are we part of the problem or the solution?

Overtourism is something I’ve been hearing about quite a bit lately. I’m not sure if  I’m just more aware of it now that I’m blogging about travel, or if it’s become more mainstream.  As a result, I’ve started to wonder if I, like many other bloggers, have become part of the problem? Could I become part of the solution?  Read more

A day at Poetto Beach, Sardinia

Poetto beach is a short bus ride from Cagliari’s city centre and it’s a  very nice 8 km stretch of  sand and ocean. It is actually considered a “city beach.” When I first heard “city beach” I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but this place definitely exceeded my expectations. Read more