Travel through time to discover the past

Every time I watch X Men or any movie where the characters have some unique powers, I think of what mine would be. It always comes down to the ability to travel through time as my only pick. Hands down. No question about it.  Read more


When travel envy rears its ugly head

Travel envy is real

No matter how much you travel or how often, there will always be times when you’ll look at someone else and get a little ping of envy. That condition is perfectly normal and happens more often than you think. It’s called travel envy and no matter how much you deny it, you have experienced it at some point. You know I’m right 🙂 Read more

Souvenirs, travel memento and other keepsakes

Recently, I shared on my Insta-stories a few of the souvenirs I’ve collected on my travels. I was pretty surprised that people actually wanted to see more, so I have decided to write a more dedicated post on the things I’ve collected over time. The people have spoken.  Read more