72 Hours in Porto, Portugal

What’s in a name?

We arrived in Porto on a sunny afternoon, eager to explore the city. As we were still riding high on the awesomeness of Portugal we discovered in Lisbon, we were excited to see what the city had to offer. And let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint 🙂 Read more


Palacio Nacional da Ajuda in Lisbon

We stumbled upon the Palacio Nacional da Ajuda quite accidentally while sightseeing in Lisbon. Although we were originally looking for a different place, we were both very happy to end up here and eager to explore. Read more

My new travel show addiction

I’m a pretty big fan of travel-related shows like House Hunters International. I kinda live my travel fantasies through the people on the show, picking out homes that I will never own in places where I’m not living and probably won’t visit anytime soon. It gets me through my travel withdrawals and gives me ideas for future trips. You get the drift. Read more

Yes, I’m a travel addict. No, I don’t need help.

When you become addicted to travel, it becomes like a drug. It’s like an itch that doesn’t go away. A shot of temporary euphoria that you are constantly trying to maintain and are willing to do almost anything for.Traveling changes you. It opens up the world beyond what’s around you and you become a travel addict.  Read more