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About Toronto

With close to 3 million residents, the city took the top spot at the most multicultural city in the world.  With half of the population being born outside Canada, the people here speak over 140 different languages and represent over 200+ ethnic groups.  Pretty cool, eh? You might find that you don’t know what to expect. That’s why I’m here to give you guides to the city.

There is an amazing culinary scene here. You can find anything from vegan to carnivore-happy diets and everything in between. From small mom-and-pop shops and high-end restaurants, to hipster joints and large international chains, there is an eclectic range of options for every budget.

From sports, festivals and cultural events to a coffee shops, shopping and numerous attractions, there is something to do for everyone.

Guides and itineraries to help you plan your trip

Your next trip to Toronto just got that much easier. As a Torontonian, I know the city well.  Let me help you plan your trip by designing a custom itinerary based on your interests or provide general guides to the city. Love shopping? Museums? Sports? We got it all. What are you waiting for?

Osgoode Hall Toronto

Toronto’s hidden gems – Osgoode Hall

Osgoode Hall, located in downtown Toronto, right next door to the City Hall is a gem hiding in plain sight.

PATH: Navigating Toronto's underground

Toronto's underground tunnels, known as the PATH, offer a range of shops, restaurants and services.

The ROM: Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum, knows as the ROM, is Canada’s largest museum and one of the largest in North America.

Don Jail

Discover Toronto's sordid past at Don Jail

The Don Jail opened in 1864. At the time, it was the largest prison in North America.


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