Travel blogging – it’s a thing!

A travel blogger? Who knew?

These days, no matter where you look, you’ll find someone who appears to be making a living by travelling the world, blogging about it and having a great old time.  If you think that there seems to be a sudden surge of these people, you might be right. Being a travel blogger is now officially a “thing.”


Not all are created equal

Being a travel blogger means that there are many of us and we come in many varieties.  Some specialize in a certain type of travelling (ex. adventure, luxury, family, etc.) while others focus on locations or hobbies like photography or museums and shopping.

No matter what they are writing about, travel bloggers often lead nomadic lives trekking through the globe either alone, with partners or even with their whole families. They are all motivated by different things and experiences, but what they all share is a love for travel.

My story

When I first started writing about travelling all those years ago, it was more of a hobby in a world full of travel books, professional guides and travel experts.  The public was embracing this new thing called social media, still in its infancy, and blogging wasn’t that mainstream.

As someone with a passion for travel, love of reading and an inkling for writing, I was well positioned to embrace this new world of opportunity. I wrote some stories with a certain amount of success and before it got me anywhere, I stopped. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe life got in a way and it became too much of an effort. Years went  by and I never thought about travel writing again.

Banff, Alberta

Old is new again

Last December, I made a decision to bring back what I love and what makes me happy. In the seven years that went by since I stopped writing, my love for travel has taken me to quite a few places around the world. Each brought a new and exciting set of experiences, impressions and memories. Travel has enriched my life not only by providing opportunities to visit exotic and unique places, but also by exposing me to different cultures and meeting new people.

Writing about my travels lets me relive the moments and places I’ve visited and the people I’ve met along the way.  Each post is like a digital diary of my memories that I can look back on and be brought back to any particular time and place. I will probably never write for National Geographic or Lonely Planet, but I will definitely write for me as it brings me joy.


Why do you write? What motivates you?  Let me know!

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