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What’s your biggest travel regret?

I read lots of wonderful stories of people’s travels and relate to some more so than others. We are all motivated by different things, where we go and how we get there.  What unites us is the love for travel and the desire for discovering other worlds.

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now as I look back at my own travels, and wonder about the things I wish I had done and places I could have gone to.

“The only trip you will regret is the one you don’t take.”

For me, the biggest regret is not doing any study abroad programs when I was in school. At that time in my life, this just wasn’t an option even if I wistfully longed for going somewhere.  As a history major, there were lots of places for me to go. I didn’t.

Travelling as a student offers certain kinds of freedoms that are not always open  once you’re done school. It provides opportunities to travel to other countries, whether that is for few weeks, a semester or a full year, and experience life in that place.

Your status is not that of a tourist passing by, rather that of a local, even if a temporary one. It gives  you an opportunity to weave your presence into the daily life of that place. You have a purpose of being there and that is to study whatever it is you’re there for. You have classmates, roommates, friends and teachers to get you by and make your stay easier. And when you leave, you take a piece of that experience with you which lasts a lifetime.

Now, I’ve been fortunate to travel quite a bit after my student days, and while I do realize that I’ve probably been to more places than your average person, this is reflection of my regret. For others, the regret could be not travelling at all.

How about you? Do you have any travel regrets?


10 thoughts on “What’s your biggest travel regret?

  1. Steph

    Yep! It’s studying abroad for me too. I visited my sister when she was studying in France and it seemed like the best thing so I definitely regret not doing that!

    Great post 🙂

  2. jsebastian

    Loved this post, thank you for sharing! If you’re up for it, we’re currently hosting a writing challenge on Creators.co and the topic is #Travel. If you have the time and interest, would love for you to share some of your stories.

  3. teacakesand

    Veryyyyyy interesting post. I like it. However I admit I’m quite fortunate to say that I don’t have any real travel regrets. I have frustrations like ‘damn, why didn’t I take a gap year before uni?’ or ‘maybe I should’ve studied abroad?’ but I can’t say I truly regret them. However, I notice that as I’m getting older, I’m much more determined to travel more and more, so I don’t hopefully regret it in the future.

    1. kasiawrites

      Good point! Maybe it is more of a frustration. I can travel now which Is great but I will never travel as a student. Thanks for sharing! Gap year would definitely been great!

  4. Dreamsvoyager

    Nice post..Interesting topic! 🙂 …my regret would also be somewhat similar, my schooling, my extra classes, even my university, all were close in my native city, in fact much closer to my parents home so practically I wasted every piece of traveling experience when I could have gone many places to pursue them. But I think its okay, I didn’t knew then that traveling was the thing missing in my life! 🙂 …thanks for sharing!

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