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Where does your wanderlust come from?

A wanderlust gene?

Ever wonder what causes some people to constantly roam the world in search of adventure while others stay put most of their lives? Is the wanderlust gene a real thing? Are you born with it? After reading about it, I still don’t know if this whole idea actually makes sense. Looking back, there were a number of things that influenced my love for travel and made me want to seek out faraway places. Nobody else in my family has traveled as extensively or has made it their passion. If this gene exists, it must have skipped a lot of generations before me.


Athens, the cradle of democracy


Books and the love of reading

I grew up in a house where reading was a popular pastime. Both my parents were readers and we had all these shelves full of books in our living room. Those books fascinated me beyond anything else. I remember watching my parents read and being excited about learning how to read myself. Once I did, the world opened up like flood gates.

It was the stories of Atlantis, Templar treasure and historical intrigue that first sparked my curiosity of faraway places. Those exotic and fascinating places seems very unreachable to me back then.  The more I read, the more I wanted to visit the places I read about. Books made me dream. Those dreams made me want to visit the world. I’ve seen a good bit of it now too.

Travel show

I don’t remember too many shows while growing up, but I do remember this particular one. No idea what it was called or names of the people who hosted it, but it inspired me profoundly. In each episode, this traveling couple did a recap of a different place they went to. They talked about the destination, what they did there and always shared photos and souvenirs.

Not only did it make me want to travel, it made me want to collect things that I can then bring home and talk about. To this day, I try to buy something in every place that I visit. It’s like my little collection of memories that bring a piece of where I’ve been home with me. I have them at home and at the office.

wanderlust travel

Some of my souvenirs from my travels

Forever Indiana Jones

Growing up, I wanted to be Indiana Jones. I wanted to travel to exotic places, seek mysterious treasure and have an adventure of a lifetime. Inspired by legends, myths and treasure maps, it seemed like a hell of a gig. I even took archaeology my first year of university in hopes of fulfilling that dream. Unfortunately, archaeology bored me to tears so I turned to history.

See, Indi was also a history teacher and to me, that was the more interesting part.  The great stories of the Romans, papal scandals and lost treasure (there is always lost treasure) were like the stories I read about as a kid, but real. While I don’t have a fedora or a whip, I travel the world to see new place, but also to visit the places I’ve learned about. To walk in the footsteps of history. It’s so thrilling!

First solo trip

It wasn’t till my early 20s that I actually traveled abroad for the first time, seeking my own adventure. I had an opportunity to go to Paris for three glorious weeks. It was probably one of the most exciting times of my life. I visited the Louvre Museum, Versailles, Notre Dame, and even the Conciergerie where I got to stand in the same cell Marie Antoinette was imprisoned before her execution. While that might sound a bit morbid, the reality was that I was literally in her footsteps. I don’t think I can fully articulate to you how just how much that meant to me.

Besides the awesome historical immersion, this trip made me want to travel more. There was something about this experience that combined all the previous elements and created a wanderlust craving adventurer who has been traveling ever since. I also don’t think I’m ever gonna stop and that makes me so happy.


Paris and the Louvre Museum will always have a special place in my heart

How about you?

Where does your wanderlust come from? Do you have a defining moment that sparked yours? Let me know!

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31 thoughts on “Where does your wanderlust come from?

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  3. James Kitzul

    Wow!! Has it been a year already?? What an exciting accompaniment! Congratulations, Kasia!

    With each year that goes by I am astonished at how much quicker it seemed to go by than the last, and each time I realize that the more I think about travel, or the lack thereof, that I wanted to do but didn’t or couldn’t or didn’t make time for. You’re so fortunate to get to see the world at such a young and able age, and we, your blog followers, feel fortunate to enjoy the vicarious experiences you provide us!

    Keep up the excellent work and bon voyage in the coming year!!

    1. kasiawrites Post author

      Thank you for the kind words James! You are the best. 🤗 It’s people like you that make this all worth it and can always put a smile on my face. May 2018 be amazing to you as well!

  4. Travels of a beauty addict

    My parents are solely responsible for my travel bug, they took me abroad for the first time at 6 months old and every holiday after that! Both teachers, they always said that travel was the best education anyone can get and I am so grateful to them for igniting my wanderlust! x

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  9. sphericalinsight

    Srinivas Ramanujan, one of the greatest mathematicians once said, “Things are already there, we don’t invent, we actually just discover”. And that’s what moving out gives out.

    Seeing similar things that we see everyday in front of us in a different way; meeting people, who might inspire us or whom we might inspire that’s what moving out aka traveling is about. And off course for happiness and in this context as my favorite goes in the words of Christopher MCandless, “Happiness can only be felt when shared”.

    Glad that you realize one important fact about work. Work is land will always be ike a bouncing ball, the harder you throw it away, the faster its gonna come back. But, the practical reality, you need to work. Work and follow your work for their is and their wont be anything bigger or supreme than that.

    Kudos to sharing and a bow to you for pursuing and the thought that you are never gonna stop.

  10. Amielle

    Same goes for me. I think reading and watching travel videos/movies really has a big impact on my life. It makes me want to go there too and experience it myself. It’s nice to read about your parents loving to read, too. In my family, my Mom, brother & I are the bookworms and my dad is always left out. Hahaha

    Paris is super beautiful! I hope to be there someday <3

    1. kasiawrites Post author

      Thanks Amielle! I am currently watching Netflix documentaries on new destinations! I love books but I don’t get as much time to read as I used to but I try to make time when I can.

      Paris is lovely. I think everyone should go at least once in their life 😀

  11. fineandsonny

    Love this post! I definitely feel the more you travel the more it makes you crave the feeling of exploring more. I love the history part too, like imagining what has taken place in that very spot I stood hundreds of years ago.

  12. aysabaw

    Hi Kasia, lovin’ this new look! Haven’t visited you for a while. Hmmmm, I don’t really have a huge percentage of wanderlust in me but I enjoy reading your stories! 😀

  13. Dippy-Dotty Girl

    Lovely post, Kasia. The Canadian Indiana Jones you be 🙂 The fresh look of your blog is fabulous and your lead photo makes me breathless to stand right there in the face of that vast expanse of snow. My urge to travel came early because of my parents, but in their need to give my brother and me the perfect life, they gave up on their passions. Now they hardly travel. Anyway, I am a big sucker for travel shows, books and documentaries too. They make me want to add places to my list and keep moving. xx

    1. kasiawrites Post author

      That’ lovely! Thank you. I like the new look but there are still kinks I’m trying to work out 🙈 yes, my parents seems to have done the same although I don’t know if that was that much of a passion for them. More like a ‘nice to have’. I could also be Lara Croft 😜 Not just set on Indy anymore 😁

  14. amindfultravellerblog

    I too come from a family that never travelled. As my sisters were older they did a bit of travelling on their own, like myself, but as youngsters we never ventured anywhere. My first overseas trip was on my honeymoon so I guess that’s when it all began! Xx

  15. thewonderer86

    I have often thought about this. No idea where my wanderlust comes from. Not my parents or grandparents. I’m like the cuckoo in the nest in my family! It’s been there since I was about 10. I remember biking all over the place and was always, like you, fired by history. Ultimate travel would be a time machine!

    1. kasiawrites Post author

      Omg yes! To travel through time would be the ultimate 🙌🏼 I have always said that is one superpower I would like to have!

  16. Stewie Overseas

    It’s crazy to remind yourself that sometimes you are standing in a place where some important historical thing really happened. Your story is very moving. I’m not sure about myself..

    1. kasiawrites Post author

      Thanks Jen. That’s exactly it. It’s the significance of the place ❤️ Now you have something to think about – find your source!

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