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Welcome to Kasiawrites, your go-to destination for cultural adventures. I’m Kasia, the passionate traveller and storyteller behind this blog, taking you on a fascinating journey of discovery. Here, you’ll find curious stories of the past, ancient sites, legends and art, as well as outdoor adventures and city guides. For me, travel is just as much about exploring the world as it’s about self-reflection and cultural immersion.


Why Should You Work with Me?

In a world where travellers look for authentic stories and experiences online before considering a destination, they frequently turn to travel blogs and channels that offer honest reviews and opinions. Travel writers like me are often perceived as more authentic and trustworthy than traditional advertising, making me the perfect partner to help build trust with potential visitors considering visiting your destination or using your services. Here is how:
  • Authentic and personal perspective: As a travel blogger, I offer a genuine and unique perspective on any destinations I visit. I connect with my readers on a deeper level through my firsthand experiences, stories and emotions. This authenticity resonates with travellers who seek genuine and unique travel experiences.
  • Engaged and targeted audience: I have built an engaged and targeted audience specifically interested in travel, exploration and new experiences. By partnering with me, you can tap into this captive audience and effectively promote your destination to a highly receptive and relevant demographic.
  • Storytelling and emotional connection: As a skilled storyteller, I know how to craft narratives that captivate and inspire. The writing enables me to connect readers and a destination emotionally. This emotional resonance can be a powerful motivator for travellers to choose a particular destination for their next adventure.

A little bit about me

I am an adventurer, a culture vulture and a history buff who loves to discover new and exciting destinations. I grew up in Toronto, Canada and now live in Italy, a land of ancient ruins, glorious scenery, culinary delights and amazing art. It’s a place that speaks to me and checks off all the things I look for in a destination. As a writer, I am passionate, enthusiastic and committed to everything that I do.

Education and work experience

I have honed my storytelling through a combination of education and real-world experiences. The stories of myths, legends and anything in the past have inspired me to read as much as possible and learn about the places I’ve read about. This passion led me to a degree in history and certificates in communication and economic development. The skills I’ve developed through my studies have allowed me to develop a unique blend of knowledge and storytelling skills that breathe life into every destination I visit.

What makes me different and why you should work with me? I have a degree in history, which has helped me gain an understanding of different cultures and their stories, as well as the many events that have shaped them over time.  Studying communication has helped me improve my writing so that I can create effective writing pieces that speak to different audiences. I have worked in different jobs that allowed me to write for different audiences and different fields, from hospitality, retail and marketing to law and business development. 

I spent over 10 years in economic development, working for different government organizations. My roles included everything from business attractions and destination marketing to tourism promotion and sector development. This makes me uniquely positioned to understand what it takes to develop tourism strategies to promote destinations and attract visitors.

Experiences I can share when you work with me


My blog started as a hobby and grew into a place where many come for travel inspiration. My audience is engaged, curious and always looking for travel inspiration. They are interested in stories, practical information and useful tips for places they want to visit. My readers follow my blog because of the compelling and authentic stories I share with them.

Travel habits and preferences

Most of my readers regularly travel, with 45% travelling three to five times a year and 27% more than six times a year. They are willing to pay for comfort and experiences, especially when they see the value and appeal. They choose their holiday destinations based on how much time they have and available activities.

My readers prefer looking for information online, turning to blogs and social posts for inspiration and resources. They are willing to buy online and are especially interested in tours and excursions, travel gadgets and accessories. Local tips and tricks, as well as duration-based itineraries, are what they look for. You can work with me to directly reach these frequent travellers.


When you work with me, you have access to my readers. Most of my readers are based in the USA (36%), followed by Canada (13%) and the UK (10%). The majority (74%) are females, with the 25-34-year-olds being the largest age group at 45%, followed by the 34-44 age group at 18%. Over 80% are English speakers.


If you’re a destination, tourism board, PR firm and/or a brand that wants to promote your unique destination to cultural travellers, my blog is the place for you. There are several ways you can work with me so I can help you tell your story, including:

  • Press (fam) trips
  • Travel campaigns
  • Destination marketing campaigns
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Blog content
  • Social media content
  • Travel photography assignments
  • Freelance writing

Destination marketing campaigns

Why work with me? I love to travel and visit new places and share them with my readers, so destination campaigns are a perfect partnership for me. I would love to help you promote your destination through my blog posts, social media marketing and engaging online content. After all, most people love to learn about the destination first-hand before considering going there.

Freelance writing

You can work with me by hiring me as a writer. I love to write, especially about travel. I can contribute travel content for your website, blog or magazine. In addition to the content on this blog, you can also check out my Italy-focused blog AmongstRomans. Sometimes promoting your destination, even on your own platform, through someone else’s eyes can showcase it in a different light to your audience. I would love to help you with that.


  • Professionalism, quality and dedication
  • Access to a targeted and engaged audience of travellers
  • Social media coverage during and after the travel experience
  • SEO-ready, detailed blog posts that go above and beyond in showcasing your destination and informing prospective tourists
  • Dedicated IG reels
  • The opportunity to license photos for use in your marketing materials

Sponsored posts from press trips & collaborations

All views, reviews and comments are my own and have not been influenced by others. You can also check out my Instagram, where I share my experience from fam trips and collaborations. Looking to place a sponsored post? Check out my guidelines.

Work with me – FAQ

I am always open to guest posts from other bloggers. You can read my guidelines before you reach out. If you’re not a blogger, see the next question.

No, I DO NOT accept guest posts from companies, agencies or any other service providers. You can work with me by placing sponsored posts. If you’re interested in sponsored content on my website, see the next question.

Yes, but I have strict guidelines for sponsored content. Any sponsored posts have to meet my editorial guidelines and align with my content strategy. All sponsored content will be clearly labelled as such, following Google guidelines. Contact me at hello [at] kasiawrites [dot] com, and we can discuss options based on your budget.

No, I do not offer any link placement on my site.

I believe in transparency, and any sponsored content will be clearly labelled as such. I follow industry best practices and comply with regulatory requirements related to advertising and sponsored content.


I am always looking forward to working with great destinations and companies that would benefit my readers. Want to work with me? Get in touch so we can discuss the best ways to work together. I look forward to hearing from you.