Yes, I’m a travel addict. No, I don’t need help.

When you become addicted to travel, it becomes like a drug. It’s like an itch that doesn’t go away. A shot of temporary euphoria that you are constantly trying to maintain and are willing to do almost anything for.Traveling changes you. It opens up the world beyond what’s around you and you become a travel addict. 

cellar bar
Wine bar Zagreb

We’re more alike than we think

I always find it pretty interesting that you can go to a completely different part of the world  and realize that life there isn’t that much different from what it is at home. People wake up, go to work/school/wherever, they eat, drink and pursue some type of  leisurely activity with their friends/family/significant others.

Where this happens is the only variable that changes. The more you travel, the more these things become interchangeable. There have been times where I’ve sat down to order a drink and I forgot where I was. Thoughts like “Where am I?” and “What language do I need to use?” often enter my mind.  When I don’t travel for a while, I miss that. I’ve become such a travel addict that the feeling of normalcy takes on a different meaning.

coffee and travel book
Enjoying a quick coffee break in Reykjavik

The travel addict life

I’m lucky in that I don’t suffer from jet lag, so time zones aren’t really an issue. There have been times though when I’ve been in three different time zones in two days. You tend to lose the sense of where you are and what day/time it is. But the more you do it, the more you become okay with it. It becomes just another part of life.

travel book
The World

Looking for the next fix

Where am I going with this?  I’m getting a bit restless. A withdrawal, you might say. I haven’t traveled anywhere in what seems like a lifetime (in reality few months) and the itch is starting again.  When I’m not travelling I read about foreign destinations, watch videos and scroll my Instagram feed. I look for places I haven’t yet been to and fondly remember those I’ve already visited.

I also read stories told by others like me who live their lives by getting their travel fix. Today I came across a blog that perfectly summarized my inner struggle. In How to survive lethal case of wanderlust? Viivi Severina covers the points of how best to deal with the longing for travel. It hit the spot like a quick fix of a much craved drug. I spent the day watching Under the Tuscan Sun, Hector and the Search for Happiness, and Night Train to Lisbon.

What’s next

I’ve been thinking of where to go next and when. There are a number of options before me, all very tempting. I’m also going to start planning my next trip, the itinerary slowly forming in my mind. Sometimes all you need is a little something to get you by. Till the next one. 🙂

Are you a travel addict? Let me know!

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9 thoughts on “Yes, I’m a travel addict. No, I don’t need help.

  • Great post. It’s very true – travel is such an addiction, the more you do it, the more you want to do it! I love the look of that Lonely Planet book, haha, it looks amazing!

  • This post is so true. It is so odd to travel to other side of the world just to realize that people there live just like us. All humans are similar in the end no matter where we live. Thank you mentioning my blog! I am happy that someone finds my writings interesting. Let’s both try to survive from our wanderlust.

    I haven’t seen Night Train to Lisbon but it seems interesting. Thanks for recommending 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked my post! Yours was what I needed and I figured if it helped me it could help someone else too! I started to watch Nighy Train because it had Lisbon in the title. It’s nothing to do with travel but it’s set in Portugal so close enough!

  • Nice post! The urge to travel, addiction, wanderlust never settles. My mind works like a constant machine trying to search for ideas about where to travel, how to challenges more this time and I don’t even settle for planning for my next trip but always thinking ahead for at least the next whole…it’s the one sweet desire which you just can’t escape from! 😀 …..thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • I hear ya! I am always in travel mode and the planning, researching and so on are just things to get me by. If money was no object I would just travel. I think travel blogging is like a support group for travel addicts 😁

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