PATH: Navigating Toronto’s underground tunnels

Toronto’s underground tunnels, known as the PATH, offer a range of shops, restaurants and services. This network of pedestrian walkways that span over 30 km is a great way to get around the city core. It occurred to me that even though I’ve taken this for granted, the PATH is a novelty to many.  Read more


The history of beer and travel

I’m pretty sure that I could be a culinary blogger. The only problem is that I am way better at eating and drinking then I am about writing about it. Nonetheless, I think I found a way. As a beer connoisseur, I am always on the a look out for discovering local brews when I travel. I also love history, so it only made sense to write about the history of beer.  Read more

Tips on what to do in Prague

I’m trying to remember exactly when Prague made it onto my bucket list. It’s one of those places that you hear about and see images of that captivate you immediately. Dubbed the “Paris of Eastern Europe” it had a lot of promise. After all the research, I knew what to do in Prague. Now I just needed to get there first. Read more

Visiting Shanghai, Pearl of the Orient

After they gray skies of Beijing and a more traditional Chinese experience, I was ready for the glitz of Shanghai. After all, visiting Shanghai, known as the Pearl of the Orient, is an adventure like no other. For me, it was definitely a China I didn’t expect. Read more