Can travel memories live up to reality?

Do you have that one special place that you've been to that left a significant impression and somehow changed you? It's a place that you go back to in your memories, all happy and wonderful, yet somehow haven't manged yet to physically go back to.

Pleasantly unexpected effects of travel blogging

When I launched my blog roughly six months ago, it was a resurrection of something I dabbled in a very long time ago. A new start and a creative outlet for sharing my travels stories with family and friends. After all, what a great way to share my passion with those closest to me. The ones that support me and encourage me to pursue my dreams. The reality turned out so much different from that. 

10 places that will make you want to visit Canada (part 2)

Happy birthday Canada! Today we celebrate #Canada150 and I can't wait to go out and join the festivities. In following up to the first part of my 10 places that will make you want to visit Canada post, here is the next five destinations that I've visited and loved. 

10 places that will make you want to visit Canada (part 1)

As Canada Day approaches - this year we celebrate 150 years! -  I wanted to write about some of the amazing places I have visited right here at home so far. Canada is a vast country with a diverse geography and views that will take your breath away. Here is my list of places that will make you want to visit Canada (I hope!)

Ups and downs of travel writing

Some days, it's a struggle.  Other days, when I'm in the zone, I can't write fast enough. My brain goes into an overdrive as ideas and words go off like a firework symphony in my head.  I love to travel and when I’m not able to go anywhere, writing about it allows me to relive... Continue Reading →

Kensington Palace and Diana’s Garden

As far as royal residences go, Kensington Palace in London was somewhat underwhelming. The brick exterior, which is probably one of the reasons why it didn't seem like all the other palaces in Europe, reminded me more of a very large train station rather than a residence of the royals [...]

Book a photographer the same way you book an UBER

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. It can capture a memory or a special moment in your life that will last a lifetime. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, a significant milestone or an important event, you want to make sure that the person capturing it is a professional. In a world where anyone with a camera/phone and a laptop can call themselves a photographer, how do you distinguish a pro from an amateur?

A day at the Tower of London

There were a number of things in London on my "must see" list. One of them, and probably at the top of that list, was the Tower of London. My fascination with it was based mainly on the role it played in England's history. With stories of those that died there, lived and ruled, it has fascinated me for years...

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