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A little bit about the Kasia Writes travel blog and what you can find here.

about kasia writes,culture

I originally started this blog to write down my thoughts and impressions of the places I’ve visited. It was a creative outlet that helped me document the places I’ve been and fell in love with. It also allowed me to write whatever I wanted without constraints. Eventually, it grew and became a resource for other curious travellers seeking to discover the world themselves.

Now I write about culture, adventure, exploration and discovery. All the things that drive me to travel to all the different corners of this world. You will find lots of posts about museums, architecture, UNESCO sites, historical tidbits and fun facts. You WILL NOT find anything about the best Instagram spots or fast food recommendations here.

Sustainability is a massive part of my travel philosophy. I believe in leaving places the way we found them, making choices that positively impact our planet and travelling responsibly.

I am also a huge advocate of animal rights. I am against many animal encounters like petting tigers, riding elephants and swimming with sharks and other wild animals. That’s why you won’t find these types of stories here either.

About Me

You know, Kasia, the face and mind behind this blog.

about kasia writes,culture
about kasia writes,culture

Hey! I’m Kasia, (pronounced Kah-sha, rhymes with “Tasha”)

I’m a Canadian blogger currently living in Italy. I’m a self-professed castle, architecture and art lover. As an avid traveller, I’m happiest exploring ancient ruins, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, cultural sites and museums.

I have a degree in history, so you could say that my love for reading about the past started early on. I love to read and travel – both are essential to my happiness. I am also an adventurer at heart, and I love epic landscapes, outdoor adventures and connecting with nature whenever possible.

While you will not catch me camping, you will find me zip-lining, snowmobiling on glaciers, hiking and lounging on the beach. I love the mountains just as much as I love the ocean – they both offer different kinds of beauty that appeal to me.

About Kasia Writes core values

I have a personal set of values that impact the way I travel and write about my adventures. They give a purpose for everything I do and share with others. I always look for brands and partners that share those values. They include:

Forge your own path

Don’t just follow blindly what others are doing. Dig deeper, challenge yourself and seek new discoveries that will change the way you see the world.

Live an adventure

The world is an amazing place, and we have a limited amount of time to see it. Never look back with regrets. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

Have an open mind

Be open to new ideas, people and experiences. Travel tends to break down barriers and misconceptions. Embrace it.

Question everything

Don’t always believe everything you read. Don’t let other people’s pre-concieved notions and opinions influence your view of places and people who live there.

Travel curiously

Discover the world for yourself. The cultures and civilizations that have come and gone before us. Who were they, and how did they shape our world?

Travel responsibly

Reduce waste and leave places the way you found them. Respect local culture and choose sustainable tour operators. Stand up for wildlife.

Get in touch

I love to hear from my readers. Got questions or ideas you want to share with me? Maybe you think we can work together. Let’s chat.