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About Kasia Writes Travel Blog

by kasiawrites

Kasiawrites Travel Blog is about adventure, exploration and discovery with a focus on responsible travel. An exciting way of learning about the world as well as self-reflection and personal freedom. A place for curious travellers looking for new experiences, discovering new things and learning something new along the way.   

Meet Kasia Writes

I have always wanted to be Indiana Jones. Then Lara Croft. I wanted to work for National Geographic and travel the world to capture it with words and images. Now, I get to do just that with my blog. Dreams do come true, so don’t give up on yours.

Travel has brought me to many places around the world—each one offering a new and exciting set of experiences, discoveries and adventures. Travel feeds my curiosity. It provides the freedom to find myself and learn more about the world.

My core values

My core values impact the way I travel and write about them.  They provide a purpose for everything I do and share with others.

woman on a bridge in Venice

Forge your own path

Don’t just follow what others are doing. Dig deeper, challenge yourself and seek new discoveries.  

three female statues holing up glass platform with their heads

Have an open mind

Be open to new ideas, people and experiences. Travel tends to break down barriers and misconceptions. Embrace it.

inside ice cave

Live an adventure

The world is an amazing place and we have a limited amount of time to see it. Never look back with regrets. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

entrance to Pantheon in Rome

Question everything

Don’t just believe what you read. Discover it for yourself. Cultures and civilizations have come and gone before us. Who were they and how did they shape our world?

reusable cutlery can help with responsible travel

Travel responsibly 

Reduce waste and leave places the way you found them. Respect local culture and choose sustainable tour operators. Stand up for wildlife. 

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