Kasiawrites Cultural Travel Blog is about culture, adventure, exploration, and discovery, focusing on responsible travel. An exciting way of learning about the world as well as self-reflection and personal freedom. A place for curious travellers looking for new experiences, discovering new things and learning something new along the way.   

ancient exhibit at the British Museum
Museums are my happy places.

About Kasia Writes

My name is Kasia (pronounced Kah-sha, rhymes with “Tasha”), and I’m a self-professed castle, architecture and art lover. I’m the happiest when exploring ancient ruins, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, cultural sites and museums. As my love of travel came from reading stories of faraway lands, legends and myths, I travel to discover the places I’ve read about.

I also love epic landscapes, outdoor adventures and connecting with nature whenever I can. While you will not catch me camping, you will find me zip-lining, snowmobiling on glaciers, hiking and lounging on the beach. I love the mountains just as much as I love the ocean.

I am a cultural tourist, and I travel to expand my horizons by connecting with the places and people I visit. I aim to provide my readers with more in-depth information about different destinations. To connect them with meaningful experiences and encourage them to travel the world with curiosity and respect.

I have a degree in history, and I am all about finding interesting stories and curious facts from the past. While I write a lot about culture and history, I love to tell those stories entertainingly and engagingly in a way that brings the past to life.

overlooking Ostia Antica from a viewing platform
Exploring ancient ruins is my jam.

Travel curiously

Sustainability is a massive part of my travel philosophy. I believe in working with brands and operators that also champion this cause. It’s about leaving places the way we found them, making choices that positively impact our planet and travelling responsibly. With a focus on sustainable travel, travellers are increasingly looking for experiences that are good for them and the environment. I want to help them make informed choices about the places and companies I recommend on my blog.

I am also a huge advocate of animal rights. I am against many animal encounters like petting tigers, riding elephants and swimming with sharks and other wild animals. These are created for our entertainment while causing great distress to the drugged, abused and traumatized animals. I encourage you, my readers, not to participate in them either.

I have always wanted to be Indiana Jones. Then Lara Croft. Adventures, legends, priceless treasures and exotic journeys have always drawn me in. While I consider myself a part-time thrill seeker, I am always an adventurer at heart. ? So far, I’ve jumped out of planes, Edge Walked around the CN Tower, zip lined and screamed my head off during numerous rollercoasters that made my heart almost skip a beat. I’m always up for new adventures.

Edge walk on the CN tower
Living on the edge. Literally.

My core values

Travel has brought me to many places around the world—each one offering a new and exciting set of experiences, discoveries and adventures. Travel feeds my curiosity. It provides the freedom to find myself and learn more about the world. My core values impact the way I travel and write about them. They give a purpose for everything I do and share with others.

woman on a bridge in Venice

Forge your own path

Don’t just follow what others are doing. Dig deeper, challenge yourself and seek new discoveries.  

three female statues holing up glass platform with their heads

Have an open mind

Be open to new ideas, people and experiences. Travel tends to break down barriers and misconceptions. Embrace it.

inside ice cave

Live an adventure

The world is an amazing place, and we have a limited amount of time to see it. Never look back with regrets. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

entrance to Pantheon in Rome

Question everything

Don’t just believe what you read. Discover it for yourself. Cultures and civilizations have come and gone before us. Who were they, and how did they shape our world?

reusable cutlery can help with responsible travel

Travel responsibly 

Reduce waste and leave places the way you found them. Respect local culture and choose sustainable tour operators. Stand up for wildlife. 

Let’s work together!