Kasiawrites Sponsored Content Guidelines

In today’s travel landscape, people crave real stories and genuine experiences online when planning their trips. They often rely on travel blogs like mine for honest reviews and authentic opinions. As a travel writer, I offer a trusted voice that stands out from traditional ads.

Sponsored content is a great way to reach your target audience through someone like me. By working with me you can build trust with potential visitors interested in your destination or services. My readers trust my content because they know it comes from a place of genuine experience and love for travel. If your brand values align with this ethos, let’s turn the page and start a new chapter together.

By partnering with me, your brand gains visibility and a genuine connection with travellers seeking authentic experiences and valuable recommendations. Together, we can unlock a world of possibilities for your brand’s success in the travel sphere.

Why collaborate with me? Because I offer:

  • Engaged audience: Tap into a community of enthusiastic travellers seeking authentic recommendations and valuable insights.
  • Inspiring content: Benefit from my expertise in curating captivating, informative content that seamlessly integrates your brand while resonating organically with my audience.
  • Credibility and trust: Leverage my established credibility and trust within the travel niche to elevate your brand’s visibility and reputation among a niche audience.
  • Tailored partnerships: I understand the importance of aligning with your brand’s goals. I can tailor any collaboration to ensure maximum impact and resonance with my audience.

Why should you consider a sponsored post?

Sponsored posts provide a win-win scenario for both your brand and my readers. They offer an opportunity to reach a dedicated, engaged audience of travel enthusiasts while providing my readers with valuable information about products or services that can enhance their travel experiences.

  1. Audience relevance: Sponsored posts should seamlessly integrate with my blog’s cultural travel-centric theme. Whether it’s travel gear, accommodation options, sustainable tourism initiatives, or unique travel experiences, I prioritize content that aligns with my audience’s wanderlust and values.
  2. Value add: The primary goal is to provide genuine value to my readers. I aim to showcase products or services that enhance their travel experiences, solve their pain points, or introduce them to something unique and beneficial.
  3. Authenticity: Maintaining the trust of my audience is paramount. Sponsored content must be authentic, transparent and aligned with my editorial tone and style.

Submission guidelines for sponsored posts:

I appreciate your interest in collaborating with me. To ensure a smooth and effective submission process, I’ve put together the following guidelines for any sponsored post proposals:

  • Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself or your brand and its relevance to the travel industry.
  • Idea overview: Describe the proposed sponsored post idea concisely. Outline how it fits within my blog’s niche, its relevance to our audience, and the value it offers to readers.
  • Benefits for readers: Explain how the proposed content will benefit my audience. Will it solve a problem, introduce something new, or enhance their travel experiences?
  • Unique selling points (USPs): Highlight the unique features, aspects, or benefits of your product or service that differentiate it from competitors.
  • Sponsored post goals: State your objectives and expectations from the collaboration. Clearly outline your goals, whether it’s increased brand visibility, driving sales, or promoting a new product/service.
  • Content format: I can write a sponsored post based on your guidelines and objections. I am open to submitted posts as long as they are unique and meet my editorial guidelines.
  • Budget details: Include an initial offer or budget proposal for the collaboration. This helps me understand your expectations and tailor my packages accordingly.

Submission process:

Please send your proposal and any relevant supporting materials to hello [at] kasiawrites [.] com with the subject line: “Sponsored Post Proposal – [Your Brand/Product].” I aim to review all submissions promptly and will get back to you within a reasonable timeframe.

Note: While I strive to consider all submissions, meeting my guidelines does not guarantee acceptance. I prioritize content that aligns closely with my audience’s interests and maintains the quality and authenticity my readers expect from me.

Editorial standards and approval process

Maintaining my editorial standards is non-negotiable:

  1. Content quality: Sponsored content undergoes rigorous review to ensure it aligns with my blog’s voice, style and quality.
  2. Transparency: Sponsored posts are clearly labelled as such to distinguish sponsored content from regular posts, ensuring transparency for our readers.
  3. Regulatory compliance: All sponsored posts have nofollow links. 
  4. Approval process: Brands provide drafts for review, allowing for feedback and revisions to ensure alignment with my editorial standards.


I don’t participate in link exchanges or affiliate programs other than what’s already on my site.

I don’t accept free products or services in exchange for exposure unless they align with my editorial guidelines for sponsored content.

As I’m self-employed, I prioritize paid collaborations to maintain the quality and integrity of my site. I also believe in fair compensation for my work and the efforts I’ve put into running this blog.

I always clearly disclose sponsored content in the post and within any social media updates. This lets my audience know I’ve been compensated for sharing the content.

Brands can request a review, but they can’t dictate the outcome of that review. My commitment is to my audience first and foremost, which means providing an honest and unbiased opinion.

Thank you for considering Kasiawrites for a potential collaboration. I look forward to working together and creating compelling, valuable content for our audience.

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