Write for kasiawrites – guest post guidelines

Yes, you can write for me! I am open to high-quality travel-related guest posts from travel bloggers. You are welcome to send your idea/pitch as long as you follow these guidelines. If you are an agency representing a client or a business, contact me for rates.

Guest post content I’m looking for

I am looking for your original travel articles that are inspiring and informative. They should reflect your personal experience. I am NOT interested in reviews of hotels, restaurants or other service providers.

As I am passionate about history, my stories include tidbits about places, past and cultural significance. I am all about adventure, exploration and discovery. Please keep that in mind as you pitch your ideas. Head over to my Instagram for more examples of the type of content I create. Yours should complement my content, and it’s what my audience expects. I am open to the following topics:

  • Personal anecdotes
  • Travel tips
  • Attractions (natural and cultural)
  • Destination guides
  • Itineraries
  • Cultural insights

Currently, I’m prioritizing content about Europe, South America and Africa.


How to submit your idea

  • Email me at hello [at] kasiawrites.com with the subject line “Guest blogging at kasiawrites.”
  • Provide the URL to YOUR travel blog
  • Tell me about you
  • Pitch a few story ideas
  • Mention that you have read these guidelines in your inquiry
  • Unless I’m travelling, you will hear from me within 24-48 hours
  • Work can be provided after we have agreed on the topic

I generally publish my blog on Tuesdays and reserve the right to publish guest posts as they fit into my schedule. Not following the guidelines will result in non-response.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Content – All articles must be original. This means they didn’t appear anywhere else on the Internet now, nor be shared elsewhere in the future. No reviews will be accepted.
  • Quality – Articles should be proofread to ensure correct spelling and grammar.
  • Word count – Articles must be a minimum of 1,000 words (or more) and must be written from your personal experience.
  • Format – All content should be provided in Word or an email and contain no formatting. I may edit and reformat any submission to ensure consistency, clarity and ease of reading.
  • Photos – You can provide up to five photos with your blog submission.
  • Internal links – If possible, please link to articles on kasiawrites.com.
  • External links – You may link to a relevant article on your blog. If not appropriate, links will be removed before posting. I reserve the right to add, change, no-follow, move or remove links as I deem appropriate. I may also add my affiliate links.

Photo guidelines

  • Up to four quality images (preferred dimensions are 800px X 600px)
  • A featured image 1200px x 600px
  •  All photos must be original, and by providing them, you confirm that you have the right to use said photos without copyright infringement.

About you

  • Include a short bio
  • Provide links to two social media accounts of your choice and your travel blog.
  •  Also, include a headshot 400 x 400px

Not a blogger and want to write a Post?

These guidelines only apply to individuals and fellow travel bloggers who have their own blogs.

If you are a tour company, travel agency, DMO or any other travel-related company and would like to work with kasiawrites.com, contact me for rates using the form below. You can also check out my sponsored post guidelines for details.


  • Guest submissions will not receive any financial compensation, and you agree that you are an independent contributor and not an employee at kasiawrites.com.
  •  Articles might be removed at any time with or without reason.
  •  Not all submissions guarantee publication at kasiawrites.com.
  •  Photos infringing on any copyrights will lead to the removal of the post.
  •  Kasiawrites.com will not be held responsible for any legal issues that may ensue if copyrights are violated.

By submitting an article, post, or material to my site you agree you have read these guidelines and agree to be bound by them.