8 Travel companions to experience the world with

How we travel and who we travel with can make or break our experience. Aside the different travel personality types, how we relate to our companions also plays a role. I belive there are eight different types of travel companions to experience the world with. Let’s take a look. Read more


Where to find cherry blossoms in Toronto

You know spring has officially arrived when the cherry blossom madness hits. While Japan is the most popular place for this activity, Toronto has its own share of cherry trees to admire. This year, I made it my mission to find cherry blossoms in Toronto.   Read more

Pompeii, a time capsule from Ancient Rome

I knew I had to visit Pompeii when I went to Italy. Having learned so much about Ancient Rome, I couldn’t pass on an opportunity to see this time capsule.  As the city was destroyed and covered by volcanic ash and lava, it was also preserved by it.  Read more

Guide to Toronto’s Historic Distillery District

One of my favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto is the Historic Distillery District. What was once acclaimed as the largest distillery in the world, owned by Gooderham and Worts, is now a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. This Toronto hub for art and culture offers plenty to do and see all year round.  Read more