Pompeii, a time capsule from Ancient Rome

I knew I had to visit Pompeii when I went to Italy. Having learned so much about Ancient Rome, I couldn’t pass on an opportunity to see this time capsule.  As the city was destroyed and covered by volcanic ash and lava, it was also preserved by it.  Read more


Lisbon’s Castelo de Sao Jorge

With breathtaking views and plenty of historical charm, Castelo de Sao Jorge was a must stop for us while in Lisbon. Dating back to mid-11th century, the castle is a throwback to the Moorish architecture and days gone by.   Read more

Tips on what to do in Prague

I’m trying to remember exactly when Prague made it onto my bucket list. It’s one of those places that you hear about and see images of that captivate you immediately. Dubbed the “Paris of Eastern Europe” it had a lot of promise. After all the research, I knew what to do in Prague. Now I just needed to get there first. Read more

Discover Italy for an experience of a lifetime

Discover Italy

I’ve had a somewhat tumultuous relationship with Italy for years. It started out as a serious crush and became a full-blown thing with my first trip to Italy. After a while, it turned sour and then we broke up. I moved on. As years went by, I found other places to love.  Then we decided visit Italy again. I finally had an opportunity to discover Italy in a brand new light. It was a wonderful experience and made me forget the past. We have now made up and will have a future together. Kind of. Read more